Since its creation as the first lounge set in the collection of Arita, The Cobblestone quickly became the signature piece of the collection. Loved by many for its ultimate lounging comfort and extensive combination options. The later added and matching sun lounger finishes up the collection. The lounge set which combines the use of upholstery seats with fine open woven backrests, became the center piece in many outdoor spaces. The 6-millimeter braid used to weave a classic fishnet pattern comes in a wide variety of colors and designs. From classic greys to modern, fresh and inhouse developed colors like our Orange Blossom. Combine the braids with the extensive fabric options and create the center piece of your own garden, terrace or beach club.
Classic design reinvented for today’s high standards on design, comfort and durability. The firmly and tight upholstered seat section are combined with, a wink to the past, woven base. Couch family consists of numerous different elements to help decorate any outdoor space in its own unique way. Besides the standard elements, the Couch family also contains swivel chairs, outdoor lighting, a huge 4-seater sofa, luxury daybed, double sun loungers and many more. Couch as well as our other upholstered furniture pieces are fully waterproof, thanks to our unique inner lining which prevents water from penetrating trough the fabrics.

Sofa Collections

A sea of possibilities to interpret the outdoor living space without ever neglecting comfort.


Arita Outdoor is a young and energetic company where we work hard creating new and innovating outdoor furniture. We started our vision to create a mature collection of high quality, durable and comfortable furniture. To create our collection, we make use of industrial designers from both Italy and The Netherlands who together share many years of experience.