Deco Lab

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Edi e Paolo Ciani

Product and interior designers, they deal with design of furniture and articles of Industrial Design for over 30 years. Since 1987 Ciani’s brothers create and develop products for leading companies in the furniture for home, for office, for contract and outdoor. Given their long experience in the design furniture industry, they are able to offer assistance to customers from the first concept about each project up to technical and production consultancy

Ed Van Engelen

After his graduation at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 1988 he has been working as a designer for international companies for more than 20 years, mostly in garden furniture related companies where he was responsible for the designs of in and outdoor products. Since 2008 he is working independently for leading outdoor and decoration brands worldwide. In this field he has won some international job awards and many of his designs have been commercially successful in the past years. As an experienced designer he knows the ins and outs of all kinds of materials and can be involved in the process from the first sketch as far as the last specifications in the factories.


Fabio Damiani and Marco Quistini set up studioPANG in 2012, based on the shared idea that by combining diverse passions and skill sets, the approach to the project is enriched with new ideas and perspectives. Design, architecture and communication are, first and foremost, opportunities for comparing and contrasting, before being channelled into the project. StudioPANG is a workshop – one that is constantly engaged on researching and developing ideas and projects; an open, dynamic environment that leverages a wealth of different experiences to give rise to a versatile and multi-faceted business.

Hans Daalder

Hans Daalder (1963) graduates from the Design Academy in 1989 and starts his designstudio a year later. Since then he is passionate about his work, designing for leading manufacturers of furniture, officefurniture and other interior-products. His designs are in great demand. In his own words: “Our team thinks in terms of logic; there is a reason for every detail in our work. This results in clear-lined designs. We aim for understandable beauty!”.